Sincerely cooperate We, PANAXIMCO Hung Thinh Investment Joint Stock Company are the largest enterprise specializing in manufacturing and exporting PP plastic belts in Vietnam. With an area of ​​​​over 5000m2, with modern production lines, advanced technology of Italy. Our products meet the highest quality standards, are supplied throughout the Vietnamese market as well as many other countries around the world.
With our in-depth capacity and experience in the field of plastic granules, we are fully proactive and control the quality from input materials to output products,  our PP plastic belt products have advantages English:  Beautiful color, straight and uniform wire can be used for automatic and semi-automatic strapping machines and other specialized baler tools. Moreover, we can print customer’s letters and logos on PP plastic straps, pet plastic straps, steel straps contributing to building the brand and reputation of the business. In addition, we also provide tools, machines and accessories to support the process of strapping, manual strapping as well as a team of consultants and technicians to meet customer satisfaction. With us, customers will receive the best benefits!

MISSION Producing plastic belt products with preeminent benefits that are suitable for customers’ belting requirements with passion, application of materials and modern machinery and technology combined with actual survey of belt requirements. parcels of customers to consult solutions and service of parcel belts. Superior benefits: Ensuring the requirements of the package belt for customers in terms of bearing capacity, elasticity, reducing costs, improving labor productivity. Developing talent, improving the quality of life of employees, optimizing the interests of the owners, for the prosperity of the country. VISION Striving to 2018 become the top 5 suppliers of belt products in Vietnam and 50 manufactured products are exported to the world market. Become a reputable and professional supplier of belting products chosen by customers as a strategic supplier for sustainable cooperation.

CORE VALUES Core values ​​bring lasting beliefs and have great influence on every decision made by all other members of the business. The core value system is the driving force, the core linking the company internally, linking the company with customers, partners and society in general.

Solidarity  is the glue that binds, gathers all human and material resources of Panaximco Hung Thinh, together towards the common goal: to build Panaximco Hung Thinh into a company providing auxiliary materials for regional and international businesses. At Panaximco Hung Thinh, passion and dedication to work is always appreciated and is the most important factor for the implementation of the Company’s mission and goals. Creativity Always respect and continue traditional values, but also constantly innovate in thinking and be flexible in action to create sustainable values ​​for businesses and the community. Creativity is always shown in the application of strategies and plans suitable for each stage of the company’s development. Efficiency Efficiency is the most accurate measure of the value of all production, business, investment and social activities of the Company. Share Under the common roof of Panaximco Hung Thinh, the interests of each member as well as the collective are associated with responsibility for all activities. The company always agrees, jointly shouldering the difficulties and responsibilities, sharing the success for the development of the business, the community and the prosperity of the country Producing plastic belts with preeminent benefits: Durability Good force, little elasticity, competitive price, meeting the requirements of strapping machines in terms of straightness, uniformity, good adhesion. Good service system: To ensure that the customer’s parcel belt always works well, in addition to plastic strapping products, we also provide a reputable strapping machine and replacement parts with a qualified technical team. well-trained to consult, repair and maintain machines or automatic machine systems periodically at the customer company or at our warranty station.


– Open working environment, employees unite to help each other develop – Code of conduct: Only Yes, No No +) If agree: Yes, … +) Disagree: Yes, but I need… – Customers are always satisfied when using products and services of Panaximco Hung Thinh – Successful cooperation with suppliers, sharing business opportunities.