Chali JN740 Packing Machine

Chali JN740 Packing Machine – PANAXIMCO

Chali strapping machine JN-740, imported from Taiwan’s Chali factory in CBU, is durable, high tension, can be used for wet or dusty working environment.

Warranty: 18 months warranty, of which 12 months according to the manufacturer’s standards + 06 months according to the guarantee of Panaximco Hung Thinh

The whole body is made of 304 stainless steel 1.5mm thick. Chali strapping machine JN-740 is the number 1 choice of customers for strapping machines.

Hotline: +84919577268

Special point:

1. Easy to operate: The operation process is simplified to fit most people’s habits.

2. Energy saving: The motor can stop for 15-60 seconds if not in use and allow immediate operation.

3. Easy maintenance: Elevator type table top allows convenient maintenance, independent PCB setup can isolate breakdown and reduce repair time.

4. Easy tension adjustment: By rotating the external tension ring, the user can easily set the required tension.

5. Safety design: DC24V internal power supply eliminates shock and can prolong machine life. (Dynamic base not included).


Strap cycle speed: 1,5 s / cycle
Tension : 15 ~ 60kg
Table height: 735mm
Belt Width: 6 ~ 15mm
Sealing method: Heat press
Power supply: 110 / 220V 50 / 60Hz 1 phase
Size : 895W x 570D x 735H mm
Weight machine: 95kg
Raw weight: 120kg

Application: Packing cartons, small packages such as bricks and tiles, packages that need to be belted as tight as fibers

Replacement parts:  Always available, easy to replace.